tax time

Let’s face it: Taxes are complicated. That’s why so many people hire professionals to assist in the process. Ironically, this year’s tax season headaches started for the IRS shortly after the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act passed last year. While many are anticipating a simpler process moving forward, the sheer amount of documentation that must be updated to comply with new and existing rules is anything but simple for the agency that regulates it.Imagine all the different forms, guides, systems and software the IRS uses that have to be changed and checked before April 15th, 2019. The article linked below discusses how, even though the IRS didn’t waste any time setting up a plan to get the revisions done as quickly as possible, the complex nature of the overall task is pushing deadlines. 

What does this mean for you? It could mean that the filing window gets delayed. And while that may be frustrating for early filers who count on quick returns, it’s also a reminder that an undertaking this massive—that affects literally every taxpayer in the country—requires special attention. And that may take some extra time.Read more about the details here: