Starting January 1, 2019, if you rent a vehicle in Massachusetts you might notice a small but unexpected addition to your bill. In July of 2018 Governor Baker signed into law Bill H.4516, “An Act Relative to the Municipal Police Training Fund,” that, in part, adds a two-dollar surcharge to short-term vehicle rentals in the state.


The proceeds from the vehicle rental surcharge will go to support the efforts of the Municipal Police Training Committee, which is responsible for setting standards and conducting trainings for local police, UMass police, and state environmental police.

Vendors are being notified of this new surcharge, which they will be required to add to rentals of passenger cars, trucks, vans, and trailers, but only for contracts with a duration of more than 12 hours, but less than 30 days.

You can visit the website here if you are interested in learning more.