School is officially over, we just celebrated the longest day of the year, and (illegal) fireworks are flying off the shelves—all signs that July is almost here. 
This year, it also signals that the automatic three-month tax day extension for 2020 has been whittled down to just a few weeks!

We continue to process returns as they come in, but one of the challenges we are facing is that part of our staff only works from January through April. That means we are short-staffed as we enter the home stretch this year, so it’s more important than ever that we have everything we need as soon as possible to keep things moving as the July 15th deadline approaches. 

So, for those of you who put aside your taxes to take care of other responsibilities during the pandemic, now is the time to get us your information to avoid having to file for another extension. Do it today! You won’t regret it.If we do have your information, thank you, and you should be hearing from us soon. We can’t overstate enough how much we have appreciated your patience and understanding.