The IRS didn't call you.

The truth is, the IRS will never call you to demand payment and threaten legal action, but this scam frightens people into giving their money to criminals.

Find out more about this and other IRS scams on our Tax Tips & News page.

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Retirement Cash Strategy

Did you know an extra IRA distribution could reduce the amount of your Social Security benefit?

It’s surprising but true. We explain how it can happen on our Tax Tips & News page.

Excerpts from Our Tax Tips & News Pages

Payroll Withholding Calculator

The IRS has an online tool for helping you determine if you are claiming the correct withholding. You will need information from your pay stub andother documents before you start

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Fraud Alerts

The IRS will never contact you by phone or e-mail to demand payment. Beware of IRS scams that are currently making the rounds.

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Countdown to Tax Day