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Retirement Cash Strategy

Did you know an extra IRA distribution could reduce the amount of your Social Security benefit?

It’s surprising but true. We explain how it can happen on our Tax Tips & News page.

Kids Turning 17?

There are many milestones and life changes that can affect your tax returns.
For instance, if you have a dependent child turning 17 this year, the $2,000 child
tax credit you have received previously will end.
It’s always a good idea to review your tax situation well in advance of the end
of the year to determine if there are any changes that may affect your return.
The IRS didn't call you.

The truth is, the IRS will never call you to demand payment and threaten legal action, but this scam frightens people into giving their money to criminals.

Find out more about this and other IRS scams on our Tax Tips & News page.

Head of Household or Single filing status?

Many single parents can claim Head of Household and receive a much better
tax benefit by having a dependent child. However, when your child is no
longer your dependent your filing status changes to Single. Unfortunately,
that translates to a smaller Standard Deduction and higher income tax rates.
Let us know if you’d like to review your personal situation.

Excerpts from Our Tax Tips & News Pages

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Stimulus Round 2: What You Need to Know

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2021 IRS Tax Changes: What’s New?

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